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Tips for Maintaining Health during a Pandemic

Anonymous User (2021-08-09)

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The pandemic is still not over, even if it is predicted that Indonesia will enter the second wave. A significant increase in cases to record a total of 2 million cases requires definite action from the government. In addition, you also need to protect yourself by knowing some ways to stay healthy during a pandemic. Here are some ways that would be recommended!

How to Maintain Health during a Pandemic
The absence of herd immunity means that everyone must continue to be careful about contracting the corona virus. The reason is, the distribution of vaccines which are still limited must be paid dearly with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. Many people believe that this is caused by the Lebaran moment, and the long holiday that makes not a few people take advantage of this moment.

When this second wave occurs, you need to reapply some ways to maintain health during a pandemic. The best way to do this is to stay at home as much as possible if all the work can be done without face to face. If you really need to leave the house, it's good to know how to apply ways to maintain Health during a pandemic. Here are some ways:

Implementing a Healthy Eating Pattern
The first way that needs to be done to maintain health during a pandemic is to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. When you have a healthy diet, you are also helping your body to boost your immune system to be effective against the coronavirus. Be sure to include more fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and protein in your daily diet.

Keep Your Body Hydrated
You also need to make sure your body is getting enough water to stay hydrated. This is done to avoid dehydration, a condition that can cause constipation and mood swings.

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