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Choose the right job vacancies

Anonymous User (2021-08-27)

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Of course your personality and other people are different. Some are adaptable, some are not. There are types of people who are open, and some are closed. Well in this case, you also have to know your characteristics or personality. If you already know who you are, then it will be easier for you to choose your career.

If you have an introverted personality, you may be able to choose to work behind the scenes or not to deal with other people much. On the other hand, if you are an extrovert, make a career in a field that is always in touch and communicates with many people, for example field workers such as journalists, news readers, hosts, public relations, or others.

Take the career test

nxp.co.id - Another way to identify your talents, abilities, and skills is through a career test. You are instructed to answer a number of questions that have been determined in time. Then you will be given a choice of suitable career fields based on the results of your answers. This career test can be a guide for you to choose the right career.

You don't need to bother looking for a career test service provider, because on the internet there are already many websites that offer career tests. Some are paid, but some are free. If you want a paid one, choose the one that fits your budget.

Don't hesitate to ask the opinion of the closest people

Sometimes it's hard to know yourself. For that, you need the help of others. Ask for advice or opinions from those closest to you, such as family, friends, partners regarding career choices. Just be open, tell them. They will definitely help you give the best advice for your career advancement. Especially if they have more experience than you.

Field work practice

If you are not sure, you can start your career by working as an intern. Field work practice will help you get to know the real world of work, develop your abilities, and measure how much you are capable of completing a job.

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