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Computer troubleshooting

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Reinstall Windows

The existence of an operating system loading error is usually caused because in the process of opening or loading files to run the operating system, various problems occur, such as corrupt, undetected, damaged files, HDD instability and so on. One of the solutions that you can apply when you experience an error loading operating system phenomenon, and have made sure that the condition of the HDD, electricity, RAM, etc. is good, then it is likely that the file system written on your HDD is damaged.

Damage to the file system itself can occur due to many things, whether it is deleted by a virus or malware, deleted by the user, and so on. Whatever the cause, if you want to delete system files, you have to do a restoration. If restoration is not possible, then of course the way you need to do is to reinstall the Windows operating system that you have.

techno - Reinstalling Windows does take some time. However, the results you will get can be considered appropriate because by reinstalling Windows, the problem of loading operating system errors can be resolved properly.

Reset BIOS settings

Sometimes, BIOS settings can cause the operating system to experience errors when loading the system. Therefore, to solve this problem, you need to reset your laptop's BIOS settings to return to normal.

To reset the BIOS settings, what needs to be done is quite easy, and almost all manufacturers will provide a way or guide to do the BIOS settings to return to the initial settings. So you just have to browse the internet.

Restart your laptop

Sometimes you can solve the problem of loading operating system errors by resetting or restarting the laptop you have. This method may not always work, which is actually a sign that the system error problem experienced by your laptop could be the cause on the HDD. However, if you need to get things done quickly, then restarting or resetting the operating system can sometimes help in the short term.

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