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How to decor

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window panels

Do not leave the window open as it requires styling. Get stylish window panes to add charm to the room.

You can go bold and graphic, or minimalist, to suit your style and taste. It's an affordable way to spruce up your home.

Use vinyl

If you have a tile floor and don't want to replace it, put some vinyl on it to make it look fresh and clean.

Vinyl is easily available in the market at an affordable price which can help you cover unattractive tiles.

Use neutral colors

Adding a neutral color to your home is one way to spice it up without breaking your pocket.

No matter your design style or preferences, neutral colors will bring aesthetics to any space in your home.

Use curtains

Instead of having to buy and install new interior doors that are quite expensive, use beautiful and unique rope curtains to save your money.

Use vinyl stickers

To display a new kitchen wall, you don't need to bother installing ceramics or tiles. Just use a special vinyl sticker whose appearance and function is not much different from ceramic.

Change seat

If the material chairs in your home still look solid but not with upholstery or cushions, you just need to replace the upholstery instead of buying a completely new sofa. Of course this can be more economical.

If the walls can be decorated with wallpaper, decorating the floor tiles can also be applied. Of course the room will be more unique and interesting. Not only giving the type of material that has an effect, but the pattern used also determines the atmosphere of the room. Therefore, consider some examples of floor patterns that make the house more special.

floor decor locations - This chessboard-shaped floor pattern is quite often applied in various rooms in the house. But there is one thing that is special about this floor. Not just a chessboard pattern, the tiles also have transparent engraved motifs. Make it more beautiful and also beautiful.

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