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Before traveling to a tourist destination to Indonesia, try to do this basic thing "know and research your tourist destination". Start by researching the area or destination you are going to visit.

The research can be through manual maps or GPS if you have a map it will be better or you can also discuss it with friends who have visited these tourist attractions.

Also in Traveling Tips Long trips can find information on Wikipedia, Wikitravel or Social media location information, Travel forums, history, roads and the state of the tourist attractions.

Traveling Tips for Domestic Long Trips
1. Gather Information
You must collect as much information about the destination as possible regarding Indonesian tourist destinations. Whether the area is hills, mountains, or beaches. Don't get the wrong costume or mistake the weather when traveling, plan accordingly, the time and purpose of your trip to be achieved.

Example: Information on Google, Wikipedia or Wikitravel Information List of entrance tickets to tourist attractions in Bali. Information List of entrance tickets to tourist attractions in Lombok.

2. Local Wisdom
Ana-Kalo-flores-NTT Wisdom Ana-Kalo-flores-NTT . Wisdom
Why not recognize the customs or culture of the place you are going to? Because it will really help adapt and interact with the local community of course. By interacting well, of course, it will make it easier for you to establish your communication with them, right?

For example, try to get to know the local language, such as;

Welcome = “rahajeng rauh” (Bali)

Excuse me = "tabe", Tabe sugar = good morning, Tabe wie = good night (Manggarai NTT)

Sorry = “punten dalem sewu” (Central Java)

Father / Mother = "pace / mace (Papua - Irian jaya) and many more

3. Make sure the travel budget
This is the most crucial first thing to consider, take into account, and prepare before you go on vacation. Be wise in managing your budget while on vacation. Make sure the budget you have is able to finance from pre-holiday to post-holiday.

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