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Advantages of avast antivirus

Anonymous User (2021-09-21)

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Avast Protects You on the Go
If you are always on the go, you are connecting your device to a public wireless network which can be very insecure. Avast offers Wi-Fi monitoring, which checks all the networks you follow and informs you whether they are safe or not and whether suspicious people are connected. To protect passwords, the company also offers a password vault that allows storing all your credentials in one place. You can also use it to make logging in to your favorite websites a 1-click experience. One cool feature I found was the “sandbox”, which allows you to install programs without worrying about the possibility that your computer might be infected with unknown malware.

Avast Offers Rescue Discs for Emergency Situations
When you pay for an Avast subscription, you can protect incoming and outgoing web traffic against hackers and stop attacks before they start. In this way, you can protect your privacy and keep your computer data safe. I was also impressed by the “Rescue Disk”, which helps to recover our operating system and files in an emergency.

Avast Protects You From Ransomware
Ransomware logs you off your computer and threatens to delete or damage files unless you pay a large amount of money. Unfortunately, these attacks are becoming increasingly popular and hackers can take more money from their victims. I'm glad that Avast takes the issue of ransomware seriously and offers an effective tool for dealing with it.

When you install Avast, it constantly scans for any possible attacks, and goes even further. With its Ransomware Shield, you can choose which files to store in a safe location protected from ransomware attacks. Ransomware Shield further encrypts those files and lets you choose other files to protect. You can even choose which program can open those files.

Avast Gets Excellent Ratings from Testers
One of the most important things I look for in my antivirus tests is how it performs in the most extreme conditions. Avast is highly rated for its ability to detect attacks and even protect against new and unexpected hacks.

is avast secure browser better than chrome - More importantly, you can keep Avast running, and your PC won't noticeably slow down or stop working randomly. One other important plus for me is that the company doesn't do too much wrong detection, and that's a good sign that Avast is doing a good job.

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