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Apple Says It Requires Employees to Install Cameras on the Body

Apple doesn't want to concede any more. The company, which is headquartered in Cuptertino, United States, is said to have implemented a policy to anticipate leaks of its new product information. A recent report says that Apple requires a number of its employees to install camera devices on their bodies.

That said, this is one of Apple's efforts to reduce information leakage and maintain the confidentiality of its products. This information was revealed by YouTuber who often leaks Apple products accurately, Jon Prosser.

In a video uploaded on his YouTube channel (Front Page Tech), Jon said that some Apple employees are indeed required to use body cameras such as the Axon Body 2, which is generally used by police officers.

"The (Apple) company has taken this new step to ensure that secrets about their products are safe and cannot 'run' into the hands of leakers," Jon said.

As compiled by KompasTekno from Cult of Mac, Tuesday (6/7/2021), these requirements allegedly only apply to the Apple product team, especially for employees who have more access and are responsible for several Apple devices that have not been released to the public. As is known, one of the keys to Apple's success in marketing its various products is maintaining the confidentiality of the products, both those that will be launched or those that are still in prototype form.

Although he often shares a number of leaks about Apple products, Jon admitted that he never paid a "source" who knew and gave the leak to him.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, makes his first appearance in court - "I never paid the source, I never received any money, and no transactions took place. I always explain to (Apple) employees that they don't have to worry if they want to share this (leak) information with me," Jon explained.

Apple itself is not playing games in dealing with leakers of information. As recently, Apple has reportedly sent warning letters to several top leakers, one of which is Kang.

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