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Tristyn Bailey

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Tristyn Bailey, a 13-year-old Florida girl who was stabbed to death earlier this month, allegedly stabbed 114 times before his death while fighting the killer, the authorities said Thursday.

The 14-year-old boy accused of killing Bailey has an increasing accusation from the second to first level murder, and will be charged as an adult, 7th justice lawyer, R.. Larizza said during a press conference on Thursday.

People have not named the suspect because he is an underage child.

"It makes me not happy to collect a 14-year-old child as an adult with first-rate murder," Larzza said, NBC News reported. "But I can tell you as well as the executive team and I review all the facts, all conditions, applicable laws and it is not a difficult decision to be made, that he must be indicted as an adult."

Larizza said that of the 114 sustainable bailey stab wounds, at least 49 was his hand, arm and head, USA today reported. "They are defensive in nature," he said, adding that "Premeditation can be concluded of course from the number of puncture wounds that must be suffered by Tristyn Bailey."

"Every time the arm returns, and every time the arm goes down, it is a Premeditation," Larzza said.

"To say that it is terrible arguably can be made as an underestimated statement," he said.

Sad news about Tristyn Bailey's death - Elsewhere at a press conference, Larizza said that the 14-year-old suspect - who had been held at the Youth Detention Center since he was arrested on May 10 - was being transferred to an adult prison, even though he would be held separately from the adult prisoner.

"It's a sad decision and a sad situation," Larzza said.

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State St. Johns County Sheriff issued an initial statement on Thursday that announced that the 14-year-old child had been closed in a round voice by a large jury for first-rate murder. This case has been presented to the State Lawyer's Office.

Bailey was found dead in a remote forested area on May 9, the previous person reported. The suspect was arrested the following day, and allegedly made several "acceptance" guilt, according to police reports obtained by the first beach news.

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