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Social structures to tackle poverty in Greece: A quantitative interpretation

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Stavros Pantazopoulos
Stavros Pantazopoulos


The present article focuses on the Social Structures to Tackle Poverty in Greece (hereinafter under the term “SSTPG”) and their implementation during the period 2012-2017. On the one hand, the article sheds light on the results of the quantitative research conducted and, on the other hand, on the evaluation of the performance indicators of the program. The question that arises concerns the impact of SSTPG on the immediate beneficiaries, still also the degree to which the intended goals of the program were successfully met. The main conclusion reached in this article is that the SSTPG’s contribution to the local communities of the respective Municipal areas has been significant. This fact alone is further justified via the evaluation of the indicators as well as through the genuine answers provided by the beneficiaries themselves, in the context of the quantitative research.


Ιnterventions to tackle poverty; Social Policy at the local level; social policy assessment; SSTPG

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