Internet addiction and other problematic online behaviors among teenagers.

Georgios Filippidis

Internet use, in people’s everyday lives, has rapidly increased in recent years globally. It is estimated that today 47% of the world population uses the Internet on a daily basis. The tremendous possibilities to communicate, conduct transactions and interact it offers, have rendered the Internet an indispensable part of everyday life in the modern world.Especially today’s kids and teenagers, we could argue that from the day they are born they coexist with technology and the Internet. Various research efforts in recent years found that the time teenagers spend on the Internet and the range of their online activities are constantly increasing.This excessive use of the Internet by minors, however, despite offering a host of benefits can lead to a number of problems, that in certain cases can turn into a pathological addiction to the Internet and new technologies. The present research aims to examine problematic Internet use during adolescence, a critical period in a person’s life, and how excessive Internet use, combined with other factors, can lead to dangerous situations for the vulnerable psyche of teenagers.

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