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Social Welfare Voluntarism in Greece: a Fall before the Rise?

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Periklis Polyzoidis
Periklis Polyzoidis


Voluntarism remains globally important
for many social issues and one of them
is social cohesion. Historically, Greece’s
Civil Society was weak and dependent on
the political parties. Voluntarism is totally
absent from the Greek public sector and
hardly developed within the Church. The
main voluntary activity is channeled through
Voluntary Organizations. This article focuses
on formal, private, non-profi t distributing,
self-governing voluntary organizations
whose main activity is in the fi eld of social
protection. We argue that the sector is
small and weak and has not succeeded in
adapting itself to the changing environment.
Membership declines and all indicators
show that the sector will shrivel further in
the future.


Voluntarism; social protection; Greece

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