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The impact of the economic crisis on the quality of life for residents of Attiki area. The experience from the City of Marousi

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Manos Spyridakis, Andreas Feronas
Manos Spyridakis, Andreas Feronas


This paper attempts to shed light on the impact of the economic recession upon several dimensions of quality of life, based on data collected from an ongoing smallscale qualitative empirical research in the Municipality of Maroussi, Attica. It attempts to incorporate both, elements relating to certain objective conditions of living and, mostly, subjective opinions, perceptions and representations about the economic crisis in Greece. The picture gained so far reveals that the economic crisis and the policies of memoranda have caused deep wounds, not only in terms of disposable income and material resources of individuals and households but also to the overall quality of life, with serious implications for social cohesion as such.


economic crisis, quality of life, subsistence level; subjective wellbeing; social cohesion


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