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Spatial cohesion in Greece: the impact of GDP revision in the measurement of spatial inequalities in Greece and policy dimensions

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Athanasios Papadaskalopoulos, Manolis Christofakis
Athanasios Papadaskalopoulos, Manolis Christofakis


The paper provides a systematic comparative
exploration of the measurement of spatial inequalities
in Greece, at regional and prefectural
level, before and after the last GDP revision.
The aim is to determine the rate and the content
of change in spatial inequalities - towards
either an increase or decline - after the revision,
so as to evaluate the new situation and
set regional policy in its proper dimensions.
The analysis is based on the examination of
GDP data (total and per capita) for the years
2003 and 2001, before and after the revision,
as well as on population derived from the last
Census (2001). The paper uses statistical methods
of regional analysis for the exploration of
spatial inequalities. The main conclusion is
that the spatial disparities have been affected
from the revision in a remarkable degree and
therefore the regional policy must be suitably
adapted in the new conditions.


Spatial cohesion; income spatial allocation; regional inequalities; regional analysis methods; regional policy

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