Policy gaps in integration and reskilling strategies of migrant women

Veröffentlicht: Apr 13, 2016
Maria Liapi
Anna Vouyioukas

Although language learning and reskilling
are indispensable components
of EU integration policies for third
country nationals, existing policies and
infrastructure in Greece are insuffi cient
and incoherent particularly with regard
to migrant women. The main focus of the
paper is how integration policies - especially
language learning, formal education and
vocational training opportunities affect
migrant women’s positioning into the labour
market and their life plans. How do migrant
women cope with the absence of reskilling
opportunities and what alternative strategies
do they develop to open new paths and
overcome marginalization? Improvising in
language learning, upgrading professional
profi les, building a career through voluntary
work and self employment constitute
exemplary cases of agency and strategies
devised by migrant women in the context of
Greek migration policies and society.

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