Gender and access to healthcare in Greece

Veröffentlicht: Apr 13, 2016
Niki Kalavrezou

Access to the healthcare sector can
be mediated by a signifi cant number
of socioeconomic factors, giving rise
to inequalities among different social
groups. Gender consists one of the abovementioned
socioeconomic factors, with
women generally considered to be in less
advantaged position than men regarding this
particular issue. In this article we examine
the fi nancial, cultural and geographical
inequalities in access to healthcare between
men and women in Greece. We argue
that the signifi cant problems faced by the
National Health System in Greece are
refl ected, among other things, in the intense
presence of gender-related inequalities in
access to healthcare. The problem is further
intensifi ed by the absence of administrative
provisions and of a comprehensive policy of
dealing with this particular issue.

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