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Older Women’s employment: the pension crisis and the crisis of care

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Sally Bould, Sara Falsao Casaca
Sally Bould, Sara Falsao Casaca


This paper explores the employment figures
for older women, aged 55-64 in 14 European
Union (EU) countries, with attention to the
kind of support which is available to older
working women caring for family members
in need. There is a diversity of employment
behavior for older women as well as services
to assist them in caring for older family
members but the current policies on “active
aging” and the gender neutral approach to
pension reform does not take into account
the unpaid work of caregiving. Where older
women are typically employed during these
later years in the Nordic countries, there
are a range of supports to assist them with
caring for family members. In contexts
where the state provision of eldercare
facilities is weak if the adult daughters are
now expected to work, who will care for the
very old parents?


Older women’s employment; retirement policy; caregiving; disability


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