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Migrant Integration Councils: baby steps or yet (another) hesitant leap?

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Μαρίνα Αγγελάκη (http://orcid.org/0000-0002-9921-8338)
Μαρίνα Αγγελάκη


The article examines the trajectory and future role of Migrant Integration Councils (MICs) two years after the introduction of the relevant legislative framework. A series of 44 semi-structured interviews point at the deficits of the current legislative framework, while suggesting an absence of political support combined with a lack of in-depth knowledge or understanding regarding MICs as well as the unintended consequences brought by their operation. The article concludes by discussing the recent developments and the important questions they raise with regard to the extent at which MICs can be said to play a significant role vis-à-vis the integration of third country nationals.


Migrant Integration Councils (MICs); Third country nationals; Inclusion


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