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Migrant Integration Councils (MICs): The incomplete functioning of an important institution for the local government

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Χριστόφορος Σκαμνάκης, Περικλής Πολυζωίδης
Χριστόφορος Σκαμνάκης, Περικλής Πολυζωίδης


The completion of the first working period of Migrant Integration Councils gave rise for the study of the function of this institution as well as for the evaluation of its first results. The establishment of the Migrant Integration Councils, as a form of institutionalized communication between Municipalities and the separate immigrant communities dwelling permanently in their territory, was a sign of optimism for the strengthening of the LG’s and their intervention in the field of local social development. However, the limited spectrum of basic LG interventions is maintained and it still constitutes a barrier to the development of local initiatives deriving from autonomous policies of the LGs. The new institution is unable to overcome the difficulties and the weaknesses of LG interventions; as a result its function remains trapped in the respective limitations and thus incomplete.


Local government; Political representation; Migrant Integration Councils; Migrant’s integration policies


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