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The impact of European Employment Strategy on Greek employment policy: a case of cognitive Europeanisation

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Ανδρέας Φερώνας
Ανδρέας Φερώνας


Τhis article examines the role of OMC, as a ‘soft’ mode of governance, in the Europeanisation of national policies is examined. Recent OMC bibliography highlights its cognitive effects, suggesting that the level of its influence varies nationally according to country and welfare regime and depends on the distance between national sociopolitical situation and European requirements. The examination of some aspects of the impact of European Employment Strategy on Greek employment policy, that follows as a case study, confirms to a large extent the aforementioned hypothesis. In addition, it shows that Europeanisation through OMC in some cases might be stronger and lead to some degree of convergence in policy outcomes.


Europeanisation; Open Method of Coordination; employment policy; convergence of ideas; mutual learning


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