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Journal History

The Hellenic National Bioethics Commission decided to create an electronic journal for Bioethics, the first journal of this kind in the Greek scientific community. 

A fifteen-year experience showed us that, despite the ever-growing interest which is already expressed by organizing conferences, seminars, graduate programs, and ethics committees at universities and research centers of our country, a point of dialogue and reflection solely on Bioethics is still missing. 

When the idea for the journal first came up, the reactions were encouraging and in some cases enthusiastic. Clearly, thanks to the efforts of those who are sensitive on the issue concerning the relationship between science, society researchers and academic teachers from all over Greece, Bioethics is now considered as a mature subject for systematic research and teaching in Greece, as in other countries. Let the journal be a stimulus in this perspective for our academic and research institutes. 

Hoping to meet the expectations of this ambitious project, we invite not only senior, but especially young scientists to send their contributions to the journal.