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Τεύχος Τίτλος
Τόμ. 6 (2016) Understanding Limitations on Welfare Policy Innovation: The Case of National Guaranteed Minimum Income All Italiana Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Varvara Lalioti
Τόμ. 9 (2018) The development of Greek migration policy and the invention of “para-legality” in labour relations of immigrants Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Apostolos Kapsalis
Τόμ. 14 (2021) Measuring Homelessness: Implications for Policy Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Eoin O’Sullivan
Τόμ. 14 (2021) Housing and the Social Investment State: An Underestimated Relationship Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Matthias Drilling, Semhar Negash, Berihun Wagaw
Τόμ. 14 (2021) How Private and Public Debt Crises Exacerbate Housing Problems in the EU Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Eva Betavatzi, Eric Toussaint
Τόμ. 14 (2021) Homelessness Service Provision in a Southern European Country: An Evolving Sector Framed by the Portuguese National Homelessness Strategy Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Isabel Baptista, Miguel Coelho
Τόμ. 14 (2021) Housing Commodification in the Balkans: Serbia, Slovenia and Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Ana Vilenica, Tonia Katerini, Maša Filipovič Hrast
Τόμ. 14 (2021) Housing as a Social Issue in Greece before and during the 2010s Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Thomas Maloutas
Τόμ. 14 (2021) Counting the Homeless in Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Vassilis Arapoglou, Constantine Dimoulas, Clive Richardson
Τόμ. 14 (2021) Preventing Family Homelessness: Evidence from Service Provision in Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Antonios Roumpakis, Nicholas Pleace
Τόμ. 14 (2021) Youth Housing in a Context of Socio-economic Insecurity: The Case of Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Dimitra Siatitsa
Τόμ. 6 (2016) Active Labour Market Policies in Greece: Challenges and Responses During the Economic Crisis Περίληψη   PDF
Paraskevi - Viviane Galata, Manolis Chrysakis
Τόμ. 6 (2016) Christopher Lasch (2007), Λιμάνι σ΄ έναν άκαρδο κόσμο: Η οικογένεια υπό πολιορκίαν, Θεσσαλονίκη: Νησίδες Περίληψη   PDF
Παναγιώτης Καρλαγάνης
Τόμ. 12 (2020) Coronavirus and State Actions: Questions by and for policy planners and analysts Περίληψη   PDF
Costas G. Dikeos
Τόμ. 11 (2019) Editorial Τεύχος 11 Περίληψη   PDF
Κώστας Δημουλάς
Τόμ. 9 (2018) Editorial Τεύχος 9 Περίληψη   PDF
Γιάννης Κουζής
Τόμ. 3 (2015) Fouskas V. – Dimoulas C. (2013), Greece, Financialization and the EU. The Political Economy of Debt and Destruction, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Περίληψη   PDF
Νίκος Κουραχάνης
Τόμ. 1 (2013) From anti-social policy to generalised insecurity: The Greek crisis meets the decline of the European Social Model Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Theo Papadopoulos, Antonios Roumpakis
Τόμ. 7 (2017) Healy M. (2013), Philosophical Perspectives on Social Cohesion, Bloomsbury Academic. Περίληψη   PDF
Ιάκωβος Πελεκάνος
Τόμ. 8 (2017) Intergenerational Occupational Persistence across the Worlds of Welfare in the EU Περίληψη   PDF
Stefanos Papanastasiou, Christos Papatheodorou
Τόμ. 14 (2021) Introduction: Housing and Social Policy in a Landscape of Multiple Crises Περίληψη   PDF
Nikos Kourachanis
Τόμ. 11 (2019) IORP II: Οι αλλαγές που επιφέρει στη λειτουργία των φορέων επαγγελματικής ασφάλισης και η σημασία της για την εξέλιξη του θεσμού στην Ελλάδα Περίληψη   PDF
Ολυμπία Μαυροκώστα
Τόμ. 9 (2018) M. Lipsky (1980), Street-Level Bureaucracy: The Dilemmas of the Individual in Public Service, Russell Sage Foundation, New York. Περίληψη   PDF
Γιάννης Βλασσόπουλος
Τόμ. 2 (2014) Portuguese and Greek Experiences with Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) in Comparative Perspective Περίληψη   PDF
Varvara Lalioti
Τόμ. 5 (2015) Quality of Life in the third age: a descriptive analysis Περίληψη   PDF
Maria Symeonaki
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