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Περιήγηση τίτλων αλφαβητικά

Τεύχος Τίτλος
1979: 36-37 Caroly G. Heilbrun, Reinventing womanhood Περίληψη   PDF
Σταυρούλα Λαμπροπούλου
1981: 41 Centralization and decentralization trends: The evidence for Greece and the EEC Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Nicholas V. Gianaris, Stergios L. Mourgos
2005: 117 B' Challenges in the studies of comparative constructions of gender equality Περίληψη   PDF
Malin Rönnblom
1981: Numero Special Changement et immobilite dans la montagne de Corfou Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Maria Couroucli
1981: 41 Changes in the character of the Greek parliament Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Margarita Dritsas
2011: 136 Γ΄ Special Issue: Contemporary Social Inequalities. Editor: Iordanis Psimmenos CHANGES IN THE QUALITY AND INEQUALITIES OF WORK IN BRITAIN: NEW MEASURES AND EMERGING TRENDS Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Alan Felstead
1976: 26-27 Α'-Β' Charles M. Haar and Demetrius S. Iatridis, Housing the poor in Suburbia Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Yannis Pyriotis
2011: 136 Γ΄ Special Issue: Contemporary Social Inequalities. Editor: Iordanis Psimmenos COLLECTIVE IDENTITIES VERSUS SOCIAL EXCLUSION: THE DECEMBER 2008 GREEK YOUTH MOVEMENT Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Michalis Psimitis
1980: 38 Comparative patterns of elite recruitment: Israel, Egypt, Lebanon Περίληψη   PDF (English)
R. Hrair Dekmejian, Kl. S. Koutsoukis
2005: 117 B' Comparing frames, framing comparisons: Greece/EU frames on gender inequality in politics Περίληψη   PDF
Maro Pantelidou Maloutas
1975: 24 Β' Computer produced choropleth maps with overlays: An aid in urban and regional analysis Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Paul E. Lovingood
1971: 7-8 Conflict in a peacekeeping organization: UNFICYP Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Charles C. Moskos
1981: Numero Special Conflits et protestations paysannes dans l' histoire d' un village de Macedoine: (1900-1936) Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Hans Vermeulen
1976: 26-27 Α'-Β' Crise et construction hegemonique d'un nouvel ordre economique international en Mediterranee Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Michel Papayannakis
2019: 152 Culinary tourism and rural development: exploring the dynamic of “the Greek Breakfast” initiative in Santorini Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Sophia Skordili, Konstantina Tsakopoulou
1979: 35 Cultural and human aspects of migration in Western Europe: (Strasburg, 19-20 April 1979) Περίληψη   PDF (English)
K. Kassimati
1977: 29 Α' D. H. Lawrence- Bertrand Russell: Their short "hectic' friendship and commitment to social reform Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Tina Feidi-Maskell
2010: 131 Α΄ Daniel Miller, 2008, The Comfort of Things, Cambridge, UK & Maiden, MA, USA, Polity Press, 302 σελ. Περίληψη   PDF
Ρωξάνη Καυτανζόγλου
1981: Numero Special De la soumission a la dependance: Le statut de la femme dans un village du Pelion Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Marie-Elisabeth Handman
1977: 29 Α' Democratization of education in contemporary greece: Selected aspects Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Jane Lambrini-Dimaki
1974: 19-20 Development and perspectives of the population of Greece: 1920-1985 Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Elias Dimitras
1980: 38 Die marxsche werttheorie und das problem der negativen arbeitswerte Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Georgios Stamatis
1976: 26-27 Α'-Β' Die religion als subjektives erlebnis und gesellschaftliche wirklichkeit Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Demosthenes Savramis
2005: 117 B' Dimensions of public debate on sexual violence against women: similarities and differences between Greece and EU policy framing Περίληψη   PDF
Αndromachi Hadjiyanni, Fray Kamoutsi
1973: 18 Dimitras Elie, Enquetes sociologiques sur les emigrants grecs Περίληψη   PDF (English)
H. B.
2006: 121 Γ΄ Special Issue: Social Transformation and Governance Issues in Eastern and Southern European Cities District councils- Between community and administration: The case of Poznan Λεπτομέρειες   PDF
Piotr Matczak
1981: 41 Do parents contribute to their children's health problem? Περίληψη   PDF (English)
D.J. Pallis, Helen Agathonos, Laura Osterweis-Stangos
2005: 117 B' Domestic violence: who's problem? Περίληψη   PDF
Andrea Krizsan, Marjolein Paantjens
1981: Numero Special Dominations etrangeres et transformations de l' agriculture cretoise entre le XIVe et le XIX siecles Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Yolande Triantafyllidou-Baladie
1976: 26-27 Α'-Β' During the modern industrial era there have developed several significant changes in urban land use and transportation patterns. These changes are largely tied to the use of energy in combination with new technology. This paper seeks to examine how urban Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Frank J. Costa, Ashok K. Dutt
1973: 17 Economic transition and the family in Mykonos Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Margaret A. Stott
Mieke Verloo, Maro Pantelidou Maloutas
2004: 113 Α΄ Special Issue: Social change and segregation trends in European cities. Editor: Thomas Maloutas EDITORIAL: URBAN SEGREGATION AND THE EUROPEAN CONTEXT Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Thomas Maloutas
1972: 14 Education and national prosperity Περίληψη   PDF (English)
A.C. Kazepides
1974: 19-20 Effects of social and demographic factors on poverty among adult males in the USA Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Thomas T.H. Wan
1970: 4-5 Einfuhrung in die methoden der empirisehen sociologie (Εισαγωγή εις τας μεθόδους της εμπειρικής κοινωνιολογίας), υπό Renate Mayntz Περίληψη   PDF
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