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Περιήγηση τίτλων αλφαβητικά

Τεύχος Τίτλος
2004: 113 Α΄ Special Issue: Social change and segregation trends in European cities. Editor: Thomas Maloutas Segregation and social change in Madrid metropolitan region Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Jesús Leal
2011: 136 Γ΄ Special Issue: Contemporary Social Inequalities. Editor: Iordanis Psimmenos Segregation, inequality and marginality in context: The case of Athens Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Vassilis Arapoglou, Thomas Maloutas
1976: 26-27 Α'-Β' Selective sociological and psychological aspects of the "social" phenomenon of anomie Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Ioanna Perantzaki
1976: 26-27 Α'-Β' Settore terziario e il problema della marginalita nello sviluppo capitalistico greco Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Antonio Kutantzis
1972: 11-12 Social class and social structure in a middle-sized Pennsylvania community Περίληψη   PDF (English)
George W. Lowis
1973: 18 Social consequences of zero economic growth Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Lincoln H. Day
2011: 136 Γ΄ Special Issue: Contemporary Social Inequalities. Editor: Iordanis Psimmenos Social inequality, poverty and social redistribution Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Robert Pinker
2015: 144 Α΄ Special Issue: Politics, Democracy and Digital Cultures. Editor: Alex Afouxenidis Social media and politics: contestation, mediation and civil society Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Alex Afouxenidis
1975: 24 Β' Social organization, A general systems and role theory perspective, by Alvin I. Bertrand Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Jiri Kolaja
1977: 29 Α' Social policy in socialism and in capitalism: A conceptual analysis Περίληψη   PDF (English)
J.P. Roos
2011: 136 Γ΄ Special Issue: Contemporary Social Inequalities. Editor: Iordanis Psimmenos Social policy versus social inequality: Just compromising injustices? Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Dimitris Venieris
1970: 6 Social structural and methodological obstacles in class awareness and class identification research Περίληψη   PDF
George W. Lowis
1980: 38 Socialization to conflict: A case study of the national historical ingroup-outgroup images in the educational system of Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Alexis Heraclides
1978: 32 Socioeconomic change and cabinet composition in Greece: 1946-1974 Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Kleomenis S. Koutsoukis
1980: 38 Socioeconomic status and assimilation among Greek Americans Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Nicholas P. Petropoulos
1971: 7-8 Some notes on the military in Greek politics Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Jean Siotis
1977: 29 Α' Some problems in a left-Hegelian reading of Hegel Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Pericles S. Vallianos
1977: 29 Α' Some social aspects of the return movement of Greek migrant workers from West Germany to rural Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Joanna Manganara
1980: 38 Some thoughts on the development of Greek Cypriot nationalism and its relationship to education under British rule Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Evi Hadjivarnava
1973: 17 Soviet policy in Europe: A challenge for the 70's Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Paul M. Angelides
1980: 38 Soviet views on urban-industrial spatial concentrations Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Demetrius Plessas, Emmanuel-George Vakalo
1981: Numero Special Sporades septentrionales: Essaie d' application d' une recherche integree pour l' etude de l' ecologie humaine des unites microinsulaires Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Genevieve Vernicos, Nicolas Vernicos
1974: 19-20 Standardization of the Edwards personal preference schedule for Greek college students Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Lynn R. Anderson
2020: 155 Ειδικό τεύχος: Κοινωνική και αλληλέγγυα οικονομία. Επιμέλεια: Αλέξανδρος Αφουξενίδης, Μιχάλης Πέτρου, Κάρολος Ιωσήφ Καβουλάκος State and Social Solidarity Economy: Friends or foes? The potential for co-construction of public policies for Social Solidarity Economy in Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Sofia Adam, Karolos Iosif Kavoulakos
1972: 14 Stavroupolis revisited: The restudy of a mountainous Greek village Περίληψη   PDF (English)
John Photiadis, Elie Dimitras
1979: 36-37 Stewards of the land: The American farm school and modern Greece, της Brenda L. Marder Περίληψη   PDF
Ελένη Κοβάνη-Αποστολίδη
1979: 35 Structural and personal factors contributing to job dissatisfaction in a large scale Greek organization of the service sector (Bank): A nationwide study of the attitudes and motivation of bank employees in Greece for the job of teller Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Litsa Nicolaou-Smokovitis
1976: 26-27 Α'-Β' Structural aspects of the network of Greek cities: A methodological note Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Ilias Nicolacopoulos, G. S. Tsouyopoulos
1980: 38 Symbolic interaction and reinforcement theory Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Peter A. Remender
1979: 35 System theory in the social sciences Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Hugo F. Reading
1977: 29 Α' Systems of values in traditional and industrial societies Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Demosthenes Savramis
1974: 21-22 Ta prolegomena of Alexander's homonoia Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Elias Thermos
1981: Numero Special Tant que les grands-meres parlent...: Approche sociolinguistique du bilinguisme actuel dans un village de l' Almopie Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Georges Drettas
1972: 11-12 Technical assistance-doubts and hopes Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Evangelos John Rizos
1979: 35 Technical change and industrial democracy Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Rudi Schmiede
2011: 136 Γ΄ Special Issue: Contemporary Social Inequalities. Editor: Iordanis Psimmenos The aims of employability and social inclusion / active citizenship in lifelong learning policies in Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Eleni Prokou
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