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Περιήγηση τίτλων αλφαβητικά

Τεύχος Τίτλος
1972: 11-12 Social class and social structure in a middle-sized Pennsylvania community Περίληψη   PDF (English)
George W. Lowis
1973: 18 Social consequences of zero economic growth Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Lincoln H. Day
2011: 136 Γ΄ Special Issue: Contemporary Social Inequalities. Editor: Iordanis Psimmenos SOCIAL INEQUALITY, POVERTY AND SOCIAL REDISTRIBUTION Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Robert Pinker
2015: 144 Α΄ Special Issue: Politics, Democracy and Digital Cultures. Editor: Alex Afouxenidis Social media and politics: contestation, mediation and civil society Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Alex Afouxenidis
1975: 24 Β' Social organization, A general systems and role theory perspective, by Alvin I. Bertrand Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Jiri Kolaja
1977: 29 Α' Social policy in socialism and in capitalism: A conceptual analysis Περίληψη   PDF (English)
J.P. Roos
2011: 136 Γ΄ Special Issue: Contemporary Social Inequalities. Editor: Iordanis Psimmenos SOCIAL POLICY VERSUS SOCIAL INEQUALITY: JUST COMPROMISING INJUSTICES? Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Dimitris Venieris
1970: 6 Social structural and methodological obstacles in class awareness and class identification research Περίληψη   PDF
George W. Lowis
1980: 38 Socialization to conflict: A case study of the national historical ingroup-outgroup images in the educational system of Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Alexis Heraclides
1978: 32 Socioeconomic change and cabinet composition in Greece: 1946-1974 Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Kleomenis S. Koutsoukis
1980: 38 Socioeconomic status and assimilation among Greek Americans Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Nicholas P. Petropoulos
1971: 7-8 Some notes on the military in Greek politics Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Jean Siotis
1977: 29 Α' Some problems in a left-Hegelian reading of Hegel Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Pericles S. Vallianos
1977: 29 Α' Some social aspects of the return movement of Greek migrant workers from West Germany to rural Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Joanna Manganara
1980: 38 Some thoughts on the development of Greek Cypriot nationalism and its relationship to education under British rule Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Evi Hadjivarnava
1973: 17 Soviet policy in Europe: A challenge for the 70's Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Paul M. Angelides
1980: 38 Soviet views on urban-industrial spatial concentrations Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Demetrius Plessas, Emmanuel-George Vakalo
1981: Numero Special Sporades septentrionales: Essaie d' application d' une recherche integree pour l' etude de l' ecologie humaine des unites microinsulaires Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Genevieve Vernicos, Nicolas Vernicos
1974: 19-20 Standardization of the Edwards personal preference schedule for Greek college students Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Lynn R. Anderson
1972: 14 Stavroupolis revisited: The restudy of a mountainous Greek village Περίληψη   PDF (English)
John Photiadis, Elie Dimitras
1979: 36-37 Stewards of the land: The American farm school and modern Greece, της Brenda L. Marder Περίληψη   PDF
Ελένη Κοβάνη-Αποστολίδη
1979: 35 Structural and personal factors contributing to job dissatisfaction in a large scale Greek organization of the service sector (Bank): A nationwide study of the attitudes and motivation of bank employees in Greece for the job of teller Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Litsa Nicolaou-Smokovitis
1976: 26-27 Α'-Β' Structural aspects of the network of Greek cities: A methodological note Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Ilias Nicolacopoulos, G. S. Tsouyopoulos
1980: 38 Symbolic interaction and reinforcement theory Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Peter A. Remender
1979: 35 System theory in the social sciences Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Hugo F. Reading
1977: 29 Α' Systems of values in traditional and industrial societies Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Demosthenes Savramis
1974: 21-22 Ta prolegomena of Alexander's homonoia Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Elias Thermos
1981: Numero Special Tant que les grands-meres parlent...: Approche sociolinguistique du bilinguisme actuel dans un village de l' Almopie Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Georges Drettas
1972: 11-12 Technical assistance-doubts and hopes Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Evangelos John Rizos
1979: 35 Technical change and industrial democracy Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Rudi Schmiede
2011: 136 Γ΄ Special Issue: Contemporary Social Inequalities. Editor: Iordanis Psimmenos THE AIMS OF EMPLOYABILITY AND SOCIAL INCLUSION / ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP IN LIFELONG LEARNING POLICIES IN GREECE Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Eleni Prokou
1975: 24 Β' The American declaration of independence of 1776 and the constitution of 1789: A case of their indirect impact on the Greek constitutional order during the war of independence Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Thomas P. Trombetas
1974: 19-20 The applicability of organizational sociology, by Chris Argyris Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Jiri Kolaja
1972: 14 The Asia minor refugees of Nea Ionia Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Eva E. Sandis
1972: 14 The assimilation of Greeks in the United States, by Evangelos C. Vlachos, First and second generation Greeks in Chicago, by George A. Kourvetaris and Family and mobility among second generation Greek-Americans, by Nicholas Tavuchis Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Charles Moskos
1975: 24 Β' The balance paradigm and its cross-cultural application: Towards a theoretical rest Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Arthur E. John Gonzalez, Nikolai E. Khokhlov
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