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Περιήγηση τίτλων αλφαβητικά

Τεύχος Τίτλος
1975: 24 Β' The American declaration of independence of 1776 and the constitution of 1789: A case of their indirect impact on the Greek constitutional order during the war of independence Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Thomas P. Trombetas
1974: 19-20 The applicability of organizational sociology, by Chris Argyris Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Jiri Kolaja
1972: 14 The Asia minor refugees of Nea Ionia Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Eva E. Sandis
1972: 14 The assimilation of Greeks in the United States, by Evangelos C. Vlachos, First and second generation Greeks in Chicago, by George A. Kourvetaris and Family and mobility among second generation Greek-Americans, by Nicholas Tavuchis Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Charles Moskos
1975: 24 Β' The balance paradigm and its cross-cultural application: Towards a theoretical rest Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Arthur E. John Gonzalez, Nikolai E. Khokhlov
1971: 7-8 The breakdown of parliamentary democracy in Greece, 1965-67 Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Charles C. Moskos
1980: 38 The child's self-differentiation as influenced by family transactions Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Chrisoula P. Melissa
1974: 21-22 The decline of Medieval Hellenism in Asia monor and the process of Islamization from the eleventh through the fifteenth century, by Speros Vryonis, Jr. Center fro Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA, 4 Περίληψη   PDF (English)
John E. Rexine
2011: 136 Γ΄ Special Issue: Contemporary Social Inequalities. Editor: Iordanis Psimmenos The digital divide profile of Greece: One step further Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Panagiota Georgopoulou
2016: 147 B' The Dream Machine Περίληψη   PDF
Απόστολος Λιναρδής, Δήμητρα Κονδύλη
1981: 41 The economic autonomy of rural women: A survey of the Mediterranean with specific reference to three Greek islands Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Marina Petronoti
1981: 41 The effectiveness of Greek antitrust policy: A comparative study Περίληψη   PDF (English)
George A. Petrochilos
2020: 153 Special Issue: Work in the aftermath of the global economic crisis: new spaces and types of work emerging in cities of recession. Editors: Maria Tsampra and Alex Afouxenidis The emergence of desperate optimists: Μanaging the start-up working life in times of crisis Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Antigoni Papageorgiou
2020: 153 Special Issue: Work in the aftermath of the global economic crisis: new spaces and types of work emerging in cities of recession. Editors: Maria Tsampra and Alex Afouxenidis The emergence of the “jazz neighbourhood” of Kerameikos in recession Athens Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Georgia Vavva
1976: 26-27 Α'-Β' The Greek political system Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Thomas P. Trombetas
1972: 14 The Greek regional problem: Some analytic and policy perspectives Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Demetrios J. Plessas, Climis A. Davos
1979: 35 The handbook of political science: A Symposium in Criticism Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Paschalis M. Kitromilides, Christopher Leman, Maurizio Vannicelli, Paul Y. Watanabe
1980: 38 The impact of the 1965 immigration act on immigration to the USA: The case of Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Eva E. Sandis
1977: 29 Α' The impact of traditional cultural paterns on Greek politics Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Adamantia Pollis
1976: 26-27 Α'-Β' The just world hypothesis and the attribution of agency to a victim Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Arthur E. John Gonzalez, Marian L. Cordoza, Matthew G. Chapman
2003: 110 Α΄Special Issue: Gender and international migration. Εditors: Evangelia Tastsoglou and Laura Maratou-Alipranti The lonely path of migrant women in Greece Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Laura Maratou-Alipranti, Rossetos Fakiolas
2005: 117 B' Special Issue: Differences in the framing of gender inequality as a policy problem across Europe. Editors: Mieke Verloo and Maro Pantelidou Maloutas The MAGEEQ project: identifying contesting meanings of «gender equality» Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Carol Bacchi
1973: 15-16 The modern Greek collection in the library of Congress: A survey Περίληψη   PDF (English)
George E. Perry
1973: 17 The nation and the state in Marxist theory Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Andreas I. Psomas
1971: 7-8 The nationalism of the present Greek regime and its impact on its foreign relations Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Dimitri Kitsikis
1977: 29 Α' The "new" law of the sea and its sociopolitical understructure Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Christos L. Rozakis
2006: 121 C΄ Special Issue: Social transformation and governance issues in Eastern and Southern European cities. Editors: Thomas Maloutas and Jesus Leal The path-dependent nature of urban governance: Emerging modes in Finland and Italy Λεπτομέρειες   PDF (English)
Angela Genova
1978: 32 The "person" and education in the context of western culture: An essay in the philosophy of education Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Deppy Papazoglou
1986: 60 The political dilemmas of military regimes, Christopher Clapham και George Philip (επιμ.) Περίληψη   PDF
Βασίλης Καπετανγιάννης
1981: 41 The post-existentialist neo-stoicism of Jacon Xenakis and the stoic theory of suicide Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Myrto Dragona-Monachou
1980: 38 The problem of the underachievement of the English working class at school: Special reference to the "community school" Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Tina Feidi-Maskell
1976: 26-27 Α'-Β' The psychosocial contract: Its nature and effects fro Greek industry Περίληψη   PDF (English)
L. Nicolaou-Smokovitis
2015: 144 Α΄ Special Issue: Politics, Democracy and Digital Cultures. Editor: Alex Afouxenidis The relation between new technologies and power in Greece: perceptions of people in positions of power Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Dimitra Kondyli
1974: 21-22 The relevance of institutional resercah for Greek higher education Περίληψη   PDF (English)
James Steve Counelis
2020: 153 Special Issue: Work in the aftermath of the global economic crisis: new spaces and types of work emerging in cities of recession. Editors: Maria Tsampra and Alex Afouxenidis The role of micro-enterprises in post-growth urban transitions: An inquiry in Athens and Barcelona Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Giorgos Koukoufikis
1973: 18 The role of pedagogical science in building communism in the Soviet Union, 1957-1971 Περίληψη   PDF (English)
Andreas I. Psomas
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