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Journal History

Eoa kai Esperia is published by the Society for Researching the Relations between Medieval and Modern Hellenism and the West (EESMNED, http://www.eesmned.gr). The journal is the primary publication medium for research carried out by members of the Society, as well as by other researchers both within and outside Greece. It features studies focusing on the relations of medieval and modern Hellenism with the West during the period from the fourth to the eighteenth century, and revolving around history, literature, archaeology and archival research, as well as the history of institutions.

Since the first year of its publication (1993), eight volumes of the journal have been published under the title Ἑῷα καὶ Ἑσπέρια / Eoa kai Esperia. In 2013 the Society decided to transform Eoa kai Esperia into a free access online journal, at the same time maintaining its existence in print format.