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BREVE DESCRITTIONE DEL REGNO DI MOREA. Αφηγηματική ιστορική πηγή ή επίσημο βενετικό έγγραφο της Β' Βενετοκρατίας στην Πελοπόννησο;

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The Querini-Stampalia Library contains a manuscript from an anonymousand undated historical source under the title 'Breve descrittione del Regno diMorea\ The text deals with the second Venetian period in Greece; recenthistoriography has made use of this source on several occasions without comingto a definite conclusion as to its date and author.My argument in this study states that the information provided by the'Breve descrittione' derives from a census that the Venetians carried out in thePéloponnèse at the end of 1702 and the beginning of 1703, while its text waswritten in 1704 by Giust' Emilio Alberghetti after his return to Venice from thePéloponnèse, where he had served up to the middle ofthat year as head of theLand Registry Office.

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In this year… There also arrived the emissaries sent by Karoulos and Pope Leo to the most pious Irene asking her to marry Karoulos and so unite the eastern and western parts.

C. Mango – R. Scott, The Chronicle of Theophanes Confessor, Oxford 1997, p. 654


This “Union” of Byzantine East and Latin West might possibly have been realized, if all had gone well with the betrothal of Empress Irene the Athenian to the Frankish king Charles the Great, which the royal and papal emissaries from the West seem to have attempted to conclude in 802. However, the discussions with these emissaries merely precipitated the overthrow of Irene…

Aik. Christofilopoulou, Byzantine History, v. II1 (610-847), Athens 1984, p. 150