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G. Sigalos, V. Loukaidi, S. Dasaklis, A. Alexouli-Livaditi
G. Sigalos, V. Loukaidi, S. Dasaklis, A. Alexouli-Livaditi


It is well known that streams are an integral part of a natural ecosystem. The Sperchios valley is crossed by a large number of seasonal or permanent flow streams and rivers, out of which the Sperchios river can be distinguished, not only for its length but also for the area surrounded by the boundaries of its drainage system. The present study is aimed to estimate the quantity of the transported material at the mouth of Sperchios River. For this purpose we applied the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) model to the Sperchios drainage network in a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) environment. We estimated that approximately 2,308,000 tons per year are flooded mainly down the Sperchios drainage system, supporting the Malian delta.


Sperchios River; soil loss; RUSLE; GIS;

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