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Journal History

Historein was conceived as an intellectual intervention, a space for reflection on the ways in which historians position themselves within historiographical traditions, methodologies and sociopolitical conditions. Born in the late 1990s, Historein is the voice of the Cultural and Intellectual History Society, a collective that initially brought together junior scholars in the field of history as well as social anthropology, gender and labor studies, cultural theory and criticism.

One of our primary goals was to rigorously address methodological and theoretical issues that concerned the practice and the conceptual grounding of professional history and historical scholarship in general and to transform historiography from a space of theoretical application into a space of theoretical production. Secondly, Historein expressed our need to reconceptualise historical practices in a comparative, global and transnational perspective. The themes of the issues reflect these two directives.

Historein has operated as a forum of intellectual exchange. The journal has been closely tied to the multifarious activities of the members of the collective that constitute its editorial board: international conferences, scholarly workshops, public interventions in contemporary political and cultural debates. As this range of activities becomes increasingly more decentralized, the journal is facing up to new challenges in the present future: nurturing creativity as opposed to conventionalism, encouraging intellectuality against the grain of disciplinary coerciveness, keep raising those questions that lead to good histories.