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Vol 1 (2004) 'Topos' and Utopia in Evgenios Voulgaris' Life and Work (1716-1806) Abstract   PDF
Iannis C. Carras
Vol 1 (2004) A Founder on Founding: Jefferson's Advice to Koraes Abstract   PDF
Ioannis D. Evrigenis
Vol 11 (2014): Studying the Greek Military Dictatorship of 1967-1974 "A gift from God": Anglo-Greek relations during the dictatorship of the Greek colonels Abstract   PDF
Alexandros Nafpliotis
Vol 2 (2005) A Maximalist: Tassos, Linguistics and Cambridge Abstract   PDF
Terence Moore
Vol 14 (2017) A politician and his books: the Venizelos library in Chania Abstract   PDF
Michael Llewellyn-Smith
Vol 3 (2006) À propos d'un livre centenaire Abstract   PDF
Andrei Pippidi
Vol 7 (2010): Networking and Spatial Allocation around the Mediterranean, Seventeenth-Nineteenth Centuries "A Respectable Body of Nation": Religious Freedom and High-risk Trde: The Greek Merchant in Trieste, 1770-1830 Abstract   PDF
Marco Dogo
Vol 2 (2005) A Survey of Studies on Adamantios Korais During the Nineteenth Century Abstract   PDF
Emmanuel N. Franghiscos
Vol 16 (2019) A visit to the our stage festival: Participation, inclusion and sharing at the Bürgerbühne Dresden Abstract   PDF
Ioulia Pipinia
Vol 10 (2013): Responding to Economic Crises in Historical Perspective, nineteenth and twentieth centuries A “Dynasty” of Hellenists in twentieth-century Bucharest: Demosthene Russo, Ariadna Camariano-Cioran and Nestor Camariano Abstract   PDF
Leonidas Rados
Vol 2 (2005) A.-F. Christidis: The Citizen-Linguist Abstract   PDF
Maria Theodoropoulou
Vol 9 (2012): Seas, Islands, Humanists Aikaterini Koumarianou (Athènes, 1916-2012) Abstract   PDF
Evangelia Balta, Maria Christina Chatziioannou, Eugenia Drakopoulou, Leonidas Kallivretakis, George Tolias
Vol 11 (2014): Studying the Greek Military Dictatorship of 1967-1974 Alessia Zambon, Aux origines de l’archéologie en Grèce: Fauvel et sa méthode Abstract   PDF
Irini Apostolou
Vol 4 (2007) Alexandre Theotokis la notion de l'évolution et le premier texte de zoologie grecque Abstract   PDF
Costas B. Krimbas
Vol 12 (2015): Transferts culturels et traduction (XVIIIe-XXe siècles) Alkis Charalampidis, Η ιταλική Αναγέννηση. Αρχιτεκτονική – Γλυπτική – Ζωγραφική [The Italian Renaissance: Architecture – Sculpture – Painting] Abstract   PDF
Eugenia Drakopoulou
Vol 17 (2020) Alternative Facts, Alternative Sciences: The Development of the Concept in Medieval Islam and Its Historical Consequences Abstract   PDF
Dimitri Gutas
Vol 2 (2005) An Introduction to Greek Economic History, Fifteenth to Nineteenth Centuries: Fields of Observation and Methodological Issues Abstract   PDF
Spyros I. Asdrachas
Vol 17 (2020) An Optical Revolution and an “Unfortunate” Exhibition: “Van Eyck: An Optical Revolution,” Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent Abstract   PDF
Eugenia Drakopoulou
Vol 9 (2012): Seas, Islands, Humanists Anciens et Modernes. Approches théoriques du roman grec (XIXe-XXe siècles) Abstract   PDF
Ourania Polycandrioti
Vol 11 (2014): Studying the Greek Military Dictatorship of 1967-1974 Andreas Papandreou’s Exile Politics: The First Phase (1968-1970) Abstract   PDF
Stan Draenos
Vol 5 (2008): Histoires de Frontières Andrej Mitrovic, Serbia's Great War, 1914-1918 Abstract   PDF
Stevan K. Pavlowitch
Vol 2 (2005) Antiquarianism, Patriotism and Empire: Transfers of the Cartography of The Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece (1788-1811) Abstract   PDF
George Tolias
Vol 9 (2012): Seas, Islands, Humanists Appealing to the Authority of a Learned Patriarch: New Evidence on Gennadios Scholarios’ Responses to the Questions of George Branković Abstract   PDF
Machi Paizi-Apostolopoulou
Vol 6 (2009): The Relevance of the History of Modern Greek Society and Culture for Comparative and International History Ariadna Camariano-Cioran, Une vie dévouée à l'approche des cultures grecque et roumaine Abstract   PDF
Anna Tabaki
Vol 2 (2005) Aristote selon D. Katartzis Abstract   PDF
Roxane D. Argyropoulos
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