The Journal of Humanitarian Cardiovascular Medicine (JHCVM) is a Four-month, peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to report the clinical, epidemiologic, public health and basic research studies focused on Cardiovascular Medicine in Low-and Middle Income countries.

It is the official journal of the Global Forum on Humanitarian Medicine in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery (GFHM) whose Mission is to close the disparity between the medical care facilities of the North and those of the South by developing  programs & projects related to education, research, facilities, quality improvement and training in these countries.

The Journal of Humanitarian Cardiovascular Medicine (JHCVM) is intended to allow better communications in the field of Humanitarian Cardiovascular Medicine with a specific focus on articles coming out from the medical teams of Low-and Middle Income countries.

It will appeal not only to health professionals, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, but also to epidemiologists, nursing staff, allied professionals, managers, as well as basic scientists.

Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): 1st Issue

Published: 2022-06-24

Review of sustainable Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Program based on Humanitarian Principles at Govt. Medical College, Goa

Jagannath Kolwalkar, Ravi Agarwal, Shirish Borkar, M Sunil Chandra Vidya Sagar, Vijay Madhan

Prevalence of Critical Congenital Heart Disease During Surgical Mission Trips to Low-Middle Income Countries. What to Expect

Marcelo Cardarelli, Igor Polivenok, Vladimir Chadikovski, Ahmed Aboodi, Aqueel Mindel, Elena Koroson, Naema Goobha, William Novick

Ten years follow-up under atorvastatin therapy of patients with carotid artery stenosis: the prognostic impact of oxidised low-density lipoprotein on carotid plaque progression and restenosis.

Atorvastatin and oxidized LDL in carotid artery stenosis

Adamantia Polydorou, Konstantinos Alexopoulos, Victoria Polydorou, Elias Skopelitis, Xanthula Κougiali, Nikolaos Liasis, Theano Demesticha, Maria Piagkou, Vasilios Protogerou, Dimitris Filippou, Eleni Velissariou, George Dimakopulos, Theodoros Troupis

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