Andreas Petropoulos



Ass.Prof./Dr. Andreas C Petropoulos, MD, MSc, MEPA, MAAP, MEAPC,MAHA, MESPNIC,PCICS

Dr. Petropoulos has been born in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa in 1964. He is a Consultant in Pediatrics and Fetal, Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology. He is also finalizing his specialty training in Intensive Care Medicine.

His special skills and research interests include:  Heart Failure, Preventive Cardiology, Cardiac Imaging (Echo-2D/3D, TOE’s, CT, MRI), Fetal Cardiology, Vascular physiology and Functional Cardiac Tests.

He graduated from Aristotle University Medical School of Thessaloniki and the Staff Officer’s Academy of the Hellenic Armed Forces of Greece in 1989. After attending a MSc in Preventive Pediatric Cardiology with Honors from the National University of Athens, continued with his PhD research on vascular physiology related with cardio-oncology toxicity. Dr. Petropoulos completed his post – graduated training in Greece, the USA and UK.

Dr. Petropoulos has worked both in academic and clinical posts in many hospitals in Greece, UK and Belgium, such as Onassis Cardiac Surgical center, 1st Department of Pediatrics University of Athens - St Sophia’s,  Hospital for Sick Children, St. George’s Hospital, in London, Royal Brompton Hospital - Imperial College, in London, Great Ormond Street Hospital - University College London, International Military Hospital, in Mons, Belgium, St Luc’s Hospital- Université Catholic de Louvain, in Brussels, Belgium.

He has given lectures in many countries for conferences and has published articles and chapters in medical books, related to Prevention Cardiology, Congenital Heart Disease, Pulmonary Hypertension, Heart Failure, Fetal Cardiology and Aviation Medicine.

After serving for 30 years as a medical officer and a senior flight surgeon, he retired from the Hellenic Air Force with the rank of Group Captain.

 He is a member of the European Pediatric Academy, The European Pediatric Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the European Association of Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology, the American Heart Association, the European Society for Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Medicine and the Pediatric Cardiac intensive Care Society of USA 

Since 2012, he has been consulting in Baku, where mostly worked as a leading tutor in Pediatrics for the Residents Post Graduate Medical Training Program. He brings over 30 years’ experience in clinical medicine. He has served as the academic and senior Consultant for Fetal & Pediatric Cardiology in various hospitals in Baku- Azerbaijan during the years. He is an honorary member and President of the working group of Congenital Heart Disease at the Azerbaijani Society of Cardiology and the Country Coordinator for AEPC. Finally, Dr. Petropoulos is a visiting Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology) at the Azerbaijan Medical University and an Ass. Professor in the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Medical Centre.  

Currently is working as a Senior Clinical Fellow in CICU and ECMO Services in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, UK and maintaining his academic post in Baku-Azerbaijan.