Nataliya Shatelen




Family name                                            :        SHATELEN

Given name                                              :        Nataliya

Date and place of birth                          :        08 Septembre 1982, Ukraine

Nationality                                               :        Ukrainian

Private addresses                                   :        1-Street Raisi Okipnoy 18, ap.51, Kiev, Ukraine, zip code 02002

                                                                  : Athinon Souniou, Kalivia Thorikou, 19010 Kalivia, Athens, Greece

Professional address                              :        Iaso Pediatric Hospital, Leoforos Kifisias 37-39, 15123 Marousi, Athens, Greece

Phone work                                             :        0030 210 638-3979

            cell                                                :        0038 050 100-7724

                                                                            0090 542 332-7780

E-mail                                                       :

Current position                                      :        Staff Cardio-vascular Surgeon

Heart Institute Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

Fellow in pediatric heart surgery, Iaso Children's Hospital, Athens, Greece


    Diplomas, titles

2012-   Certificate of Specialization in cardiovascular surgery – Institute of Amosova, Kiev, Ukraine

2011-   Master in general surgery

2011-  Certificate of general surgery Kharkov Institute of General and Emergency Surgery NAMS of Ukraine, Dept. of surgery and urgent cardiology

2009-   MBA – National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute"

2008-   Doctor of Medicine – Kharkov National Medical University

2000-   Gymnasia № 93, Kharkov, Ukraine


              Training and Professional Experience


2019-…..         Fellow in pediatric and adult congenital surgery, Iaso Children’s Hospital, Athens, Greece,  Prof A Kalangos     

2015-2019       Fellow in pediatric and adult congenital surgery Mitera Hospital Athens, Greece, Prof A Kalangos

2012-....           Kiev, State Institute “Ukrainian Health Ministry Heart Institute”, Department of Acquired Heart Diseases, Position of Cardiovascular Surgeon          

2008-2012        Kharkov Institute of General and Emergency Surgery NAMS of Ukraine, Dept of  surgery and urgent cardiology, Surgeon        

2002-2008        Medical student at Kharkov Medical National University

2000-2004       Kharkov Medical Institute, Dept of Biochemistry, Position of Laboratory Assistant                    


                  Extramedical Activities

2003-2007  Realization of assistance programs for orphans and handicapped children                               

            Humanitarian activity

2019 :              Vice President of "Humanitarian Kalangos Foundation”

2014-2018:      Mauritius as surgeon, China as surgeon

2019:               Belarus as fellow

2018:               Kyrgyzistan as assistant exper


          Organization of scientific events

2007-               Kharkov, “International Scientific Interdisciplinary Congress” for students and young scientists, Position of President                        

2003-2007       Trade Union of Medical Institute

2015                Coorganizer of "Global Humanitarian Forum in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery"



Articles in journals with editorial policy

  • Cor triatriatum dexter in children: Literature review and case report. A Kalangos, N Shatelen, V Demyanchuk, N Ruban, P Sfyridis, B Todurov JTCVS Techniques
  • Pediatric tricuspid valve replacement with a transcatheter aortic valve (Sapien 3) A Kalangos, N Shatelen, P Sfyridis, E Dalarizou, P Bonou JTCVS Techniques accepted in Aug 2020
  • Surgical management of midaortic syndrome with renal arterial stenosis in children: 20 year single surgeon experience A Kalangos, P Myers, I Isik, G Gemayel, N Shatelen, submitted in Ann Vasc Surg

Articles in journals with no editorial policy:

  • Successful surgical treatment of coronary artery disease and epicardial lipoma : a case report B Todurov, VP Zakhorova, N Shatelen, M Glagola, N Ponich, A Bolgova, S Sudakevich, V Demyanchuk   Cardiac Surgery and Interventrional Cardiology (Ukraine) 2012:2:61-64



2011    Surgical treatment of heart defects (Master in surgery)

2021    PhD thesis will be submitted.  Title: ‘The choice of surgical treatment strategies in patients with lesions of the aortic and mitral valves associated with coronary heart disease’

          Research activity

2004-2005       Took part in the research “Pulmonary embolism”, Kharkov National Medical University                             

2005-2006       Took part in the research “The etiological specter, modern methods of the treatment of the infective endocarditis”,  Kharkov National Medical University