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Thoughts, analysis perspectives and critics of function of punishment in international criminal law

Published: Ιαν 15, 2023
ICC; ICTY; ICTR; crimes against humanity; international criminal justice; function of punishment; StICC; principle of complementarity; core crimes; restorative penalty; transitional justice; consequentalism.
Dimitris I. Liakopoulos

International criminal law constitutes, due to its intrinsic characteristics, a competition challenge at the universal level of norms and crimes which finds its most natural and logical manifestation through the final penalties provided for in the Statute of the International Criminal Court (StICC). The present work has as its object to analyze the punishment according to the StICC, the hypotheses of normative convergences that are established alongside the foreseen sentences, the jurisprudential cases, the verifiable convergences within the global international community where the sentences take place over the years, the path of harmonization, integration, evolution, development not so much of international criminal law but also of domestic law, the rationalization of accounts with internal justice which is never eliminated by the international one, snubbed towards a type of annihilating a priori inevitable phenomena against the impunity, the continuous violence against human rights and the strength of the victors and hegemons.


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