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European criminal cooperation: Confiscation and protection of human rights in the post Brexit period

Published: Jan 15, 2023
freezing and confiscation; Regulation (EU) 2018/1805; TCA; protection of human rights; ECtHR jurisprudence; EAW.
John Phil

This work tries to analyze the international cooperation models in the field of seizure and confiscation that are defined in a limited space through the Conventions of the Council of Europe of 1990 and 2005. We proceed with the latest Regulation (EU) 2018/1805 as well as with the agreement on trade and cooperation of 24 December 2020. Note the points of reference and analysis of all three models and operating schemes on the protection of human rights. We also focused on the post-Brexit situation where the United Kingdom, despite its exit from the Union hall, will have to comply with the standards of protection of rights as established by Union law, interpreted by the CJEU and with the aim of continuing the criminal cooperation with the other Member States of the Union.

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