About the Journal

Focus and Scope


The journal aims to be broadly inclusive and interdisciplinary, publishing research articles, projects, portfolios, student works and book reviews with a particular focus in:

  • Theory addressing current dialogue in conceptual design strategies and philosophical frameworks in interior architecture, product design, graphic visualization, environmental design, and art.
  • Practice models and new alternative perspectives in building methods, materials research, cultural studies, sustainable approaches, etc.
  • Portfolio presentations of original artwork projects, installations, film, photography, etc.
  • Education that integrates research with design and culture as well as pedagogies that explore alternative approaches to the delivery of history and theory in design research, studio projects, theoretical investigations of teaching practices, etc.
  • Applied research investigating design and culture ideologies supported by the development of theoretical frameworks in design research, case studies, etc.


Topics, that will be covered include (but are not limited to):

Aesthetics, Semantics, History, Continuity of cultural heritage, Methodological approaches, Social-Cultural Aspects of Design, Visual Studies Culture, Design and Material Culture, Identity and Heritage, Criticism, Creativity, Innovation, Arts, Visual sequences, Sustainability, Learning strategies and pedagogy, Expertise in design, Visual techniques in the design process, Design tools and Experiential approaches concerning

Interior Architecture, Furniture Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Visual Communication Design, Photography, New Media and Digital Imaging, Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Conservation and restoration, Technologies in Art and Design, Creative and Innovative Media Arts Concepts and Projects, Artworks.


Portfolio & Project submissions

The journal accepts submissions of artist's portfolios and project presentations primarily related but not limited to painting, drawing, printmaking, typography, sculpture, architectural design, photography, graphic design, graffiti, animation, art installations, public art and audiovisual media. We are mainly interested in artwork that addresses the broad concept of space, both as cultural convention and as encapsulating physical environment, and the formative role of the art media and processes within. All submissions are double-blind peer reviewed.

Submissions can be either by artist(s) themselves or by an art critic or curator. Initial submission for an artist’s portfolio presentation should include an abstract, a cover letter with the description of the work, a short artist's biographical statement of approximately one hundred words and no more than twenty images or other media, according to AICA (Association Internationale des Critiques d’ Art) criteria. 


Book Reviews

The journal also dedicates a permanent section of the journal’s content on book reviews and criticism. Consistent to common academic practices, these book reviews will not have the form of a simple informative and/or promotional report on new publications that are relevant to the scientific, artistic and academic community. Instead, this section will attempt to become another integral part of the dialogue and reflective thinking fostered in this journal – in a sense, a parallel methodological tool for exploring aesthetic, theoretical, and ideological themes that are related to design, art and culture within a broader sense.

Therefore, the featured articles will be texts of critical analysis, they will have a scientific framework and they will attempt to introduce a theoretical framework related to the current thematic of the journal.

The selection of the albums, essays, scientific guidebooks and journals that will be presented, will be based on their current and innovative character and will concern wider fields of human thought: Art, aesthetics, philosophy, history, social anthropology, theory of architecture, language and theory of literature, new digital technologies, bioclimatic design, sustainable development, cultural studies, etc.


Student Works

The journal accepts submissions of student works, such as essays and final projects, including portfolios related but not limited to the fields and topics covered by the journal’s scope and content. All submissions are double-blind peer reviewed.

All articles, portfolios and reviews submitted will be double blind peer reviewed. The official language is English but the author/rs can also provide his | hers paper in Greek | Spanish | Portuguese | Romanian or Polish language as a second version. If there should be a conflicting evaluation by the two reviewers there will be a third review by the editor. Please take into consideration that this process might usually take 6 weeks.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Electronic Publication


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