Parenthood in the light of the Attachment theory. New Challenges for Social Welfare Professionals

SCAD No 30
Veröffentlicht: Νοε 28, 2022
Sevaste Chatzifotiou
Despoina Andeadou

This paper focuses on highlighting the challenges and difficulties with regard to parenthood of a group of parents. Initially, the concept of parenthood is outlined as well as the attachment theory principles. Focused group interviews have been applied based on qualitative research methodology that aimed at exploring the potential challenges and anxieties faced by the participants with respect to child raising and other issues. It is argued that there is a strong relationship between the theory of attachment and parenthood. Attachment research in the study of parenthood raises common concerns about the impact of parenthood on the development of children over time. The data analysis and the assessment of  group dynamics conducted  by the researchers are further presented and discussed. The research sheds valuable light for the social welfare professionals who work with parents, alongside with other disciplines working with this target group.

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