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Welfare marginalization of immigrant population and social protection mechanisms

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Χριστόφορος Σκαμνάκης
Χριστόφορος Σκαμνάκης


The development of new bureaucratic ethos
in social services seems that has additional
effects on deregulation of welfare state and
on deconstruction of its mechanisms. The
already polarized welfare state is intensifi ed
and gradually become mechanism of welfare
marginalization, especially for vulnerable
groups as migrants. The study of the way
that front-line offi cers in social services
implement their duties is an analytical
instrument of signifi cant importance in
the area of welfare state’s analysis. The
accent of research interest in micro-level
analysis is vitally in order to conduct to
reliable conclusions about front-line offi cers’
everyday practices and reveal the context
of the new bureaucratic ethos as starting
point of welfare marginalization. The latter
broaden the polarization of the Greek welfare


Welfare marginalization; polarization of welfare state; new pressures; new bureaucratic ethos; immigration and integration


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