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The ΠΑΡΑΝΥΜΦΟΣ in Ancient Greece and Byzantium: A Study of Role and Prosopography

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Sameh Farouk SOLIMAN
Sameh Farouk SOLIMAN


Neither the most recent edition of the Oxford Classical Dictionary1 nor the Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium2 has an entry on the "paranymph"! One might conclude from this conspicuous omission in the standard reference works in the field of Classical and Byzantine Studies that they consider the "paranymph" a figure of little importance in the society of ancient Greece and Byzantium. Such an impression, that the "paranymph" had little impact on the Society of ancient Greece and Byzantium is highly misleading and should be remediated in future revisions of these important resources, since the existence of the paranymphs was one of the defining features of the society of ancient Greece and Byzantium.


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