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Besprechung: M. BUCHHOLZ, Romisches Recht auf Griechisch. Prolegomena zu einer linguistischen Untersuchung der Zusammensetzung und Semantik des byzantinischen prozessrechtlichen Wortschatzes [Societas Scientiarum Fennica. Commentationes Humanarum Litterarum 135], Helsinki 2018.

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The aim of the present Work (Roman Law in Greek: Prolegomena to a Linguistic Study of the Composition and Semantics of the Byzantine Vocabulary of Procedural Law) is to study the composition and semantics of Byzantine Greek legal vocabulary, especially that related to procedural law, from the perspective of the Latin influence on Greek. The work is based on a contact-linguistic and semantic analysis of the occurrences of a number of relevant expressions in the primary sources. The work is not an exhaustive treatment of all relevant words. Instead, by focusing on a selection of examples and on methodological questions, it tries to open a new perspective on Byzantine legal language 

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νομική ορολογία , σημασιολογία, γλωσσολογία, μορφολογική εξέλιξη , δικονομικό δίκαιο, βυζαντινό δίκαιο, λέξεις δάνεια

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