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Οἱ Σλάβοι στὴν Ἀθωνικὴ μονὴ Ζωγράφου

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Cyril Pavlikianov

 The Slavs in the Athonite Monastery of Zographou

The article analyzes the prosopographical data concerning the presence of Slavs in the athonite monastery of Zographou. The chronological frame of the survey extends from 980 to 1650. In the period 1169-1661 are identified eighty three monks of Slavic origin. Twenty nine of them (34,9%) use Bulgarian vernacular and in five cases this vernacular seems to be Bulgarian dialect of Macedonian type. The monks using Serbian dialect are three (3,6%), two can be described as Russians (2,4%), while sixteen Slavs (19,3%) appear as linguistically neutral. One person is surely of Moldavian origin (1,2%) and in twenty five cases (30,1%) no data elucidating the ethnic identity of the Slavic-speaking monks of Zographou are available. However, it is clear that the monastery has been Bulgarian. The Serbians and the Russians appear only after the fall of Byzantium and the first Bulgarians in the monastery of Zographou were probably connected with the neighbouring Slavic population of Macedonia and the Chalkidiki peninsula.



Σλάβοι; Βούλγαροι; Άθως; Μονή Ζωγράφου


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