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Σημείωμα για την τεχνική εκπαίδευση στο Βυζάντιο τον 11ο αιώνα

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Stavroula Hondridou

 A Note on Technical Education in Byzantium during the Eleventh Century

Few things are known so far about the technical-vocational education and the establishments or schools that provided technical training during the Byzantine period. It seems that the usual way for acquiring such a training was by practicing under the supervision of a professional.

However, a detailed analysis of a number of paragraphs of the Novella, which has been issued by Constantine IX in 1047 for the revival of the studies in law, lead us to the hypothesis that by the middle of the eleventh century technical training was provided in Constantinople through special schools. These schools were, possibly, functioning under the imperial authority. We assume, further, that the innovation of technical training was due to Constantine IX, and that this innovation aimed to reinforce the «new class» of merchants and craftsmen, which arose during his reign.


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Εκπαίδευση; βυζαντινό δίκαιο; επαγγέλματα; συντεχνίες

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