Historical Information gathered from the Mauricii Strategikon

Published: Dec 2, 2013
Byzantine army Mauricii Strategicon military law contagion military camp baggage train depotatos bowshot
A few relevant sections  from the Strategicon of Mauricius are analyzed in order that Byzantine military tactics  be further clarified: the meaning of the word σχολ ; contagion (epidemic) and starvation (famine) threatening the soldiers when gathered together; and the potential scouting mission of heralds. Additionally certain facts provided by the treatise regarding specific military subjects are presented together, so that they can be effectively elucidated; the length of both the bowshot and the long bowshot; the exact function of the multi trenches of the ‘fossaton’ military camp; touldos (the baggage train: composition - function - etymology/origin); depotatoi (the unarmed units: recruitment – equipment - size - mission). Finally speculation on the composition of the text attempts to draw attention to the use of former treatises by the author and to the degree of his personal contribution. 
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