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Τὸ χειρόγραφο Θεοτοκάριο τοῦ Ἱδρύματος Παπανικολάου (Κομοτηνή) καὶ ὁ κωδικογράφος Ἱερεμίας Μαγγαφούρης ο Σιναϊτης

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The Papanikolaou Foundation codex ΙΖ΄/29=35 in Komotini is described for the first time in this article, in which it is proved that the codex is the former manuscript of Zakynthos, no. 12 on the N. Katramis list. The Cretan monk Ieremias the Sinaite is the scribe of the manuscript and he is proved to be the same person as Ieremias Maggafouris. The manuscripts copied by him are seven according to the bibliography and my research. The Komotini manuscript was written on the Sinaitic Metochion of Chandax and it was probably transferred to Zakynthos by Antonios Kourtezas after the conquest of Crete by the Turks (1669). Nikolaos Katramis found the manuscript and described it thoroughly in 1880. Papanikolaou purchased the manuscript later and added it to his collection.

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Θεοτοκάριο; χειρόγραφα; παλαιογραφία; Ιερεμίας Μαγγαφούρης

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