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Το Θεωρητικό ηγεμονικό πρότυπο στο ιστορικό έργο του Ιωσήφ Γενεσίου Περί Βασιλειών

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Κωνσταντίνος ΠΑΪΔΑΣ
Κωνσταντίνος ΠΑΪΔΑΣ


The historical work On the reigns of the emperors of Joseph Genesios holds a prominent place among the writings that shaped and displayed the pro Macedonian propaganda, which intended to mar the image of the emperor Michael III and idealize the founder of the Macedonian dynasty Basil I. In the framework of the present study the theoretical royal model that emerges from the narrative On the reigns of the emperors is explored and analyzed. Detecting the royal model and demonstrating the political thought it expresses, constitute the key parameters in order, on the one hand, to comprehend the method that Genesios uses to fully exploit his sources, and on the other hand, to evaluate Genesios as a historian and as a political thinker both by his contemporaries and  the recipients of his narrative nowadays.


Γενέσιος; ηγεμονικό πρότυπο; αυτοκράτωρ; μακεδονική γραμματεία; ιστοριογραφία


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