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PREISER-KAPELLER, Johannes, Institute for Byzantine Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

    Hierarchies and fractals: ecclesiastical revenues as indicator for the distribution of relative demographic and economic potential within the cities and regions of the Late Byzantine Empire in the early 14th century
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  • BYZANTINA SYMMEIKTA 26 - Book Reviews
    Book review:E. TCHKOIDZE, Ένας Γεωργιανός προσκυνητής στον βυζαντινό κόσμο του 9ου αιώνα: ο Άγιος Ιλαρίων ο Γεωργιανός [A Georgian Pilgrim in the Byzantine World of the 9th Century: Saint Hilarion the Georgian], Athens 2011, 273 pp. (ISBN 978-960-6813-29
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