Vol. 14 (2023): Issue 14 – The Byzantine world and its cultural surroundings

Published: 2024-05-15


Panagiotis Christias,
Georges Pletho Gemistus: Reforming Byzantium at the edge f the cliff: A short introduction to Pletho’s political thinking, p. 9
Anna Griva – Markos Dendrinos,
Neoplatonic and Gnostic Resonances in the Martyrdom of Cyprian of Athenais Eudocia, p. 19
Antonis D. Papaoikonomou,
Christianity and Rationalism: Maximus the Confessor vs. Descartes, p. 39
Lydia Chr. Petridou,
The question of values and the concept of the “person” in the
Byzantine thought of the Palaeologan Renaissance, p. 53
Christos Ath. Terezis,
Aspects of the presence of the Aristotelian Logic in Western and Eastern Christianity. The “middle places” according to Boethius and Holobolus, p. 67
Ioanna Tripoula,
The fascination of the West and the ambivalence of the
Byzantines towards it through the case of Demetrios
Kydones, p. 85
* * *
Philosophical Notes
Paraskevi Zacharia
Parallels between Maximus the Confessor and Vladimir Soloviev (1853-1900), p. 105