Vol. 13 (2022): Thomas Hobbes: Individualism, Freedom, Sovereignty

Published: 2024-05-18


Kyriakos Demetriou,
A Note on Hobbes’s Thucydides, p. 9
Michael Theodosiadis,
The Byzantine cosmopolis beyond western liberalism, p. 33
Nick Tsampazis,
Τhe cognitive grounds of Hobbes’ Leviathan, p. 63
Elias Vavouras,
Hobbes’ hedonism in front of classical hedonism and the free market ‘s way out, p. 85
Konstantinos Balatsos,
International Anarchy Reconsidered: Hobbes and International Relations, p. 115

* * *
Basiliki Sioufa,
Alasdair Macintyre: A Critic Of Modernity, p. 127
Georgios E. Skoulas – Despoina Skoula,
The World Crises in Hegel’s Dialectic Thinking & the Current Contradictions Confronted Europe, p. 141
Christos Terezis,
The Byzantine icon as an expression of the composition of the “Beautiful” with the “Sublime”, p. 155

Philosophical Notes
Vasileios Makripoulias,
From the Orphic texts to the Homeric Epics and to the Dramatic Poetry: The appearance of the Reasonable Man, p. 173
Kyriakos Manolis,
The role of school leadership in relation to conflict management at school. A survey based upon five empirical researches, p. 189
Nilachal Mishra,
The Buddhist Philosophy: A brief Study, p. 199