Vol. 12 (2022): Issue 12 – Leo Strauss: Political Philosophy, Natural Right, History

Published: 2024-05-22


William H.F. Altman,
Ernst Tugendhat and Leo Strauss: The Use and Abuse of Socratic Ignorance, p. 9
J. Edgar Bauer,
Leo Strauss and the Challenges of Sex, p. 29
Panagiotis Christias,
Jerusalem and Athens against Rome: Leo Strauss’ critique of Edmund Burke’s political logic, p. 109
Kyriakos Demetriou,
The logical status of history and the paradoxes of historicism, p. 145
Robert Howse,
Law’s diversity: A reading of the Platonic Minos, p. 163
Spiros Makris, Philosophy as a way of life and the nature of the political: The ‘problem of Socrates’ in Leo Strauss’ thought, p. 189
Colin D. Pearce,
Enlightenment, modernity and democracy: Leo Strauss, H. L. Mencken and the new political science, p. 211
Nick Tsampazis,
Rousseau, Leo Strauss, and Denaturalization, p. 227
Elias Vavouras,
The Machiavellian reality of Leo Strauss, p. 249

* * *
Philosophical Notes
George Bifis,
The City and the Philosopher: Leo Strauss revisits Plato, p. 287
Montserrat Herrero – Miguel Vatter,
Leo Strauss and Carl Schmitt, p. 297
Konstantina Konstantinou,
Leo Strauss’ The Argument and the Action of Plato’s Laws: A critique on Plato, legislation and the problem of political authority, p. 307
Spiros Makris,
Towards a Political Theology of World Politics, p. 321
Pedro Valdés Guía
Command in war: Operational conduct of war and political control of military operations, p. 347


Leo Strauss and Carl Schmitt

Montserrat Herrero, Miguel Vatter