Indexing in Scopus


We are delighted to inform you that Entomologia Hellenica has been accepted for indexing in Scopus.

The Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) has reviewed our application and approved it for coverage.

For your information, the reviewer comments are copied below:

"Thank you for your request to have the journal of Entomologia Hellenica indexed in Scopus.
Entomologia Hellenica is an open access, peer reviewed journal.
Articles published in Entomologia Hellenica are fairly well cited in journals indexed in Scopus.
Entomologia Hellenica fills a nice market in the area of entomology.
The journal needs to provide a DOI number for each article.
Entomologia Hellenica meets the criteria to be indexed in Scopus."

We now invite you to circulate this information and submit more of your work!

Our next goal is to grow a notable impact factor.  

Happy publishing!



The Editorial Committee