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Parthenolecanium corni (Bouche), an orchard scale pest producing honeydew foraged by bees in Greece

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L.A. Santas
L.A. Santas


The soft scale Parthenolecanium corni (Bouch6), a pest of filbert tree and other hosts, is a useful insect for apiculture in Greece. It excretes honeydew which is exploited by honeybees in April, May and early June. The scale has one generation per year, and overwinters as a second instar nymph. Adults appear early in April and crawlers in the middle of June. From mid June to mid July, the population of P. corni consists mainly of crawler-, and/or first instar nymphs. The second instar nymphs appear in mid July and by the end of October all the scale population is in this stage. The period from July to February, is long enough to permit the application of insecticides to control the scale, without causing any harm to the bees.


Parthenolecanium corni; Filbert tree pest; Bee foraging; Honeydew

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